River Cruises

Experience the Best in U.S. River Cruises

Time stands still as our authentic collection of paddlewheelers take you on voyages through peaceful waters and carry you to thrilling destinations along the way. We invite you to take advantage of opportunities for both interactive and introspective activities on our U.S. river cruises, where you can discover new places without the anxieties of the unknown.
Our river cruises pair elegant ambiance with warmhearted service to provide a grand comestible dining show. While serving staff cater to every need on the frontlines, the culinary teams create artful, regionally influenced dishes behind the scenes on our riverboats. Regardless of desired taste, dining with us offers countless flavors and scents to settle both stomach and soul.
Entertainment is never lacking on board our paddlewheelers, either – whether in the form of an ensemble, solo performance, magic show or requests session. Each of our talented performers has harnessed unique characteristics that conquer every act. Music resonates from brain to toes, making connections with guests on our river cruises.
Our imaginative shore excursions team takes care of all the details for both premium experiences and included Hop-On Hop-Off excursions throughout your voyage. Skilled motorcoach drivers weave through active city streets and serene country backroads to deliver enlightening experiences in each of our port destinations.
Embark on a journey with us and we’ll introduce you to the waters that we call home: the great rivers that have sustained towns, wildlife and memories throughout history. As Mark Twain masterfully penned, “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime!” Allow American Queen Steamboat Company to cultivate the adventurer within you.

river cruises along the lower mississippi

Lower Mississippi River Cruises


The Lower Mississippi River is the river of legends. It is the river of centuries-old shaded oak trees, elegant Antebellum plantations, cotton fields and Civil War memorials. River cruising through the rich history and cultural diversity of the Old South is like taking a step back in time. Sugar cane is still grown just as it was a century ago and lovingly restored mansions grace the Great River Road. From the sidewalk cafes and jazz clubs of New Orleans’ French Quarter to the barbecue hotspots and soulful blues of Memphis and everywhere in between, the Lower Mississippi region is a beautiful celebration of modern day attractions and timeless southern traditions.

river cruises along the upper Mississippi

Upper Mississippi River Cruises


The Upper Mississippi River pulses through the heart of America offering hidden gems around each bend of the river to fuel your sense of discovery. Perhaps no person defined the world’s view of America’s greatest river more than the legendary Mark Twain and his beloved literary characters; Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher are still alive and well in Hannibal, Missouri, Samuel Clemens’ boyhood hometown. Cruising along the Upper Mississippi aboard our classic, steam-powered vessel carries you past peaceful fields of gold and soaring bluffs to storybook American towns and vibrant, bustling cities. Whether you are a fan of nature’s raw beauty and wildlife or an enthusiast of history and culture, the upper reaches of the Mississippi from dynamic St. Louis to the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul will surely pique your interest and capture your heart.

river cruises along the Ohio & Tennessee rivers

Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland River Cruises


On these river cruises, you'll discover America’s cultural quilt in the cities and towns of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. From Civil War battlefields, forts and homesteads to quaint Main Streets and friendly smiles, this region will welcome you with open arms and enrich you with its storied history. Cruising along the Cumberland River takes you past forest-covered hills into Bluegrass Country and brings to mind old tales of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone. The Ohio River is a quite simply a kaleidoscope of big cities and small towns showcasing the best of American ingenuity and courage while the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers are a reminder of the wilderness that had to be conquered to expand a nation. Whether you are cruising through the deep wilderness, or headed to big cities for exciting attractions like the Grand Ole Opry® and Churchill Downs, adventure awaits by the mile.

river cruises along the Columbia and Snake rivers

Columbia and Snake River Cruises


River cruises on the Columbia and Snake Rivers present a wealth of natural, awe-inspiring beauty and iconic destinations that will leave you breathless. The timelessness and deep-rooted history of the region is evident at each and every port along your journey. As you relive the daring exploits of frontiersmen and adventurers, you will bear witness to the precious land just as it appeared to Lewis and Clark in 1805. From the raw, natural power of Mount St. Helens to cascading waterfalls like Multnomah Falls and the acclaimed wineries of the Pacific Northwest, this captivating corner of America will show you the world from a new perspective.


Travel on The American Queen

The American Queen epitomizes the grace and grandeur that has made river cruising a cherished American tradition for more than two centuries. You will delight in gracious service from our all American crew and staff and elegant accommodations and authentic experiences that have become synonymous with American Queen Steamboat Company. Plus, top entertainers bring down the house in the American Queen's majestic grand saloon every night, combining the best of the old and the new. Book your travel on the American Queen today.